Summit Flooring

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.30.50 AMSustainability and design flexibility are defined by our flooring product offerings. Carpet, carpet tile, recycled rubber, cork, wood, leather, slate, luxury vinyl tile/planks, and low-profile raised access flooring offer the ultimate in aesthetics, design, function, engineering, performance and sustainability.

Our Flooring products include:

Dickson Woven Vinyl FlooringDICKSON-WOVEN-FLOORING-300x174
Presenting the floors of the future. Dickson combines the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of woven fabric. It is durable, comfortable, easy to maintain and attractive.


Durawood is 7mm thick comprised of a 2mm vinyl top layer and a 5mm recycled rubber bottom layer, so it has more than 70% post-consumer recycled content.

DURA WOOD is a great multi-purpose and athletic flooring product perfect for environments that require beautiful wood aesthetics combined with comfort and safety. Resilient enough to bounce basketballs on DURA-WOOD is not limited to gym floors, but is a true multi-purpose product. DURA WOOD addresses many of the common challenges faced in senior living and healthcare spaces.

Fletco Woven Carpet

Classic and timeless, high performance woven carpet utilizing premium branded Type 6.6 nylon from Antron & Ascend. Old world craftsmanship incorporating cutting edge technology.

Object Carpet

Unique designs, precision manufacturing, long color palettes with a wide range of textures including tufted, woven, and printed set Object Carpet apart. In Nov 2013, Object Carpet was named a Top 50 Luxury Brand in Germany in a joint study by Ernst & Young, The Munich School Of Business, and INLUX (institute of luxury in Europe). They are the only carpet company on that list along with corporations like Mont Blanc pens, Mercedes Benz & Porsche.

Edel Grass

Colourful is available as an indoor/outdoor product that adds bright, fun color to literally any space. Available in rolls either 6’7” width or 13’2” width, it’s uses range from landscape design to indoor area rugs. The material is designed to withstand the toughest of outdoor conditions, but is soft and comfortable enough to use indoors.