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We are passionate about our products and the way they enhance people’s lives in so many ways every day.

Since entering the marketplace in 1966, we have earned and maintained an unmatched reputation for quality products and on-time delivery. And while our business is all about innovative surfaces-Ultra Surfaces to be exact-we have a depth of knowledge and understanding that elevates our customer service to a level all its own.

We are committed to using-in many cases pioneering-the very latest technology and innovation to create beautiful, luxurious 100% polyurethane surfaces with outstanding performance features that are relevant to your life.

Through state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer an outstanding range of beautiful, soft, luxurious surface options for upholstery, walls, and anywhere anyone might choose to sit. More than just a surface, an Ultra Surface gives you the freedom to enjoy beautiful things without having to worry about spills, stains, kids, or pets. Our revolutionary technology gives you the flexibility and functionality to take the same luxurious material you enjoy in your living room to your RV, your boat, your corporate jet, your office, to the hotel, spa, outside by the pool… anywhere and everywhere you live your life.

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Brisa® Fresco
Brisa® Outdoor
Brisa® Distressed Outdoor
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Fusion Shimmer
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Ultra tech
UltraleatherTM Linen
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